Be proud to work with the best custom home builders in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is privy to upscale communities with land that is desirable and available for custom home building projects. Riverview Custom Homes specializes in creating luxurious homes that emulate rich and sumptuous living. Whether simplistic in nature or the most opulent design, a luxury custom home portrays each client’s dream home vision. A luxury investment allows room for indulgence in design, size, and location. Clients are able to select the finest finishes to achieve their dream home vision. With a luxury build, clients can achieve a grandeur and lavish home design. This type of home construction represents the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. It may be a retirement dream or a growing family investment.


Luxury renovation services are on the rise in Calgary. High end or large scale renovations are most notable in a number of key inner city areas. Preservation of heritage homes or further development/ remodels of homes on sought after properties are common. You need professional Calgary custom home builders working for your needs.

The same skill and commitment to excellence that is provided for our luxury custom builds extends to our custom renovation services. Riverview specializes in luxury renovation services and strives to magnify these projects for the clients as they preserve and make anew their desired dream home.