How To Plan Ahead When Building a Calgary Custom Home

Too often, people don’t plan ahead, and if they do, they don’t plan ahead enough. When building a custom home in Calgary, we can’t stress enough the importance of proper and adequate planning. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Building a house is an investment that lasts a lifetime and beyond. The person you are now and the person that you will be in 20, 30 and even 40 years will be two completely different people.

You might not think much of it right now, but the choices that you make in regard to your house can and will affect your life down the road. But how it will affect it depends on several things… among them your ability to plan ahead.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to facilitate the process

  • Will I ever have children?
  • Will my house be located near a school?
  • Is the neighborhood safe for children?
  • How can I make my house elder-friendly?
  • If my job changes, will I mind commuting to work?
  • How is the neighborhood going to change in the next decade or so?
  • Will I mind those changes? 
  • And many more questions.

As you can see, we’ve barely scratched the surface! Building a house is a very complex process and a lot of care and thought should be put into the planning process. Remember that life happens. 20 years might sound like a long time, but it’s really not that long. When you’re old and bent with grandchildren running all around you, you’ll be happy to have followed our advice. 😉