5 Reasons to Build Your Dream Custom Home on an Acreage Near Calgary

Dream Custom Home on an Acreage


There’s nothing quite like a home that’s custom-made for you. When every room and every element of the design reflects your style and personality, the house you live in feels much more like home. In Calgary, Riverview Custom Homes is your premier custom home builder. Our team is committed to working one-on-one with you to conceptualize, design, and build a dream home that’s a unique reflection of you.

If you’re looking for the perfect location for your new custom home, Calgary’s surrounding town and communities, including Priddis, Cochrane, and De Winton, offer plenty of acreages that give you the benefit of living among nature combined with the conveniences and luxuries of living close to the city.

Here are five reasons to build your dream home on an acreage near Calgary.

1. The Scenery

Whether you’re south of the city or off to the west, an acreage on the outskirts of Calgary gives you access to stunning views of the prairies and the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’re curling up around the firepit on a summer night to take in the sunset or enjoying a morning coffee during a winter snowfall, the views will never disappoint.

2. The Privacy

When you live in the city, enjoying quiet outdoor time away from the prying eyes of your neighbours is a rarity. On the other hand, an acreage comes with the luxury of privacy, giving you the opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet whenever you desire.

3. The Space

On an acreage, you have the space you need to create the perfect outdoor space for you and your family. Whether it’s a large play structure and a trampoline for the kids, an outdoor swimming pool, a huge garage for your classic car collection, or a guest house, there’s plenty of room to bring your vision to life.

4. The Community

Acreages are private but offer a sense of community for those living in the same towns and neighbourhoods. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other acreage owners with similar interests and lifestyles.

5. The Investment

There’s an increasing demand in the Calgary area for acreages, and it’s expected that as the city grows, the need for land outside the city will continue to grow. An acreage can be a great way to build value in your investment portfolio.

Work With Calgary’s Best Custom Home Builder

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