Calgary Lot Selection: Things To Consider Before Buying A Lot


You may have heard of this small town somewhere in Alberta that sold lots for only $10. This small town made the news not long ago. While purchasing a lot for only $10 might sound like a dream come true for many people, the truth is that most lots in Alberta tend to be very expensive. Some of them are completely out of this world, in fact.

If you are planning on building a house in Calgary, then finding and purchasing the perfect lot is the first step for you. But here’s the thing — it’s way more simple than it sounds. To make the process a little bit easier for you, Riverview Custom Homes has compiled a short list of things to take into consideration before purchasing a lot. Regardless of whether you wish to build your house DIY way or hire Calgary custom home builders to build it for you, lot acquisition is something that you will have to go through.

And it should begin by asking yourself those questions:

Do I have kids? Do I want kids? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then purchasing a land in a neighborhood that is both safe for kids and relatively close to a school might be something that you want to consider.

What is the terrain like? Ideally, you would purchase a relatively flat land, but terrains come in all shapes and sizes. If the land that you are interested in is located in an area that is especially prone to flooding in Calgary, consider where you would build your house and how its location could worsen (or help) the situation in the event of a flood.

How are the roads? How can I access the land? This question is especially important if the land that caught your interested is located outside of the city. Is it in close proximity of public transportation and/or access to a public road? Are you willing to commute every day to work? If yes, how long is too much?

Of course, there are dozens of other questions that you might want to ask yourself before purchasing a land, but beginning with those ones is certain to put you on the right path!