Calgary Lot Selection Tips


When it comes to building a house, some people consider the actual process of building it a lot easier than the process of finding where to build it. If you are considering building a house in Calgary, enter the beautiful process of lot selection. (Who ever said that building a house was easy?!)

Thankfully, we have compiled a short list of lot selection tips for you to go over. Hopefully, those tips will make the process slightly easier for you!

1. Know your budget. Diving head-first into building the house of your dreams without first making a budget is a bad idea. Making a budget will let you know exactly what you can afford in terms of lots and will weed out anything that you can’t afford, making the process a lot simpler for you in the long run.

2. Know if you’re the rural or urban kind. If you’ve always pictured the house of your dreams surrounded by lush fields or forest, then looking for lots in the more urban part of town is a waste of time. Decide early whether you want to go rural or urban and you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

3. Plan ahead. Do you have kids? Do you want kids? Is your job going to change any time soon? Do you think that your new job will require you to be on the move a lot more? All of these are questions worth answering before selecting a lot. Where you will live has the potential to affect other parts of your life dramatically, so plan wisely.

4. Ask your builders. Lastly, who ever said that you needed to choose by yourself? Asking professionals of the likes of Riverview Custom Homes, a Calgary custom home building company, is a good idea too. Your builders are there to help you, after all, and they have a LOT more experience when it comes to lot selection than you give them credit for!