Multiple National BILD Award Winner

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At Riverview Custom Homes, we don’t just aim for excellence; we strive for wow. Every cut, corner, and layout contributes to a dream home that helps you build, refine, and leave a legacy. For this reason, we take pride in every aspect of our work. And this mindset (more than anything else) has led to Riverview Custom Homes being recognized within our industry.

As a result, we are humbled to have received numerous SAM awards, now rebranded as the BILD (Building Industry Land Developers) Calgary Region Awards.

The BILDCR Awards

The BILDCR Awards celebrate the highest tiers of accomplishment in residential construction and development. As such, various awards are granted. Builders, suppliers, and land developers compete for these distinctions, as each honour recognizes the recipient’s excellence as the industry’s finest. BILDCR partners are some of the province’s most notable and accomplished designers, architects, renovators, and builders.

Additionally, the BILDCRs community is based on supporting and advocating for Calgary’s construction industry. BILDCR’s membership authorizes institutions to participate in a growing community, with over 600 partners employing more than 55,000 Calgarians.

Riverview Custom Homes’ Rewards and Recognition

Riverview Custom Homes is pleased to announce our success in winning numerous BILD Awards over the past few years. These awards include:

2021 Single Family Builder of the Year:

Winner | $765,000 – $909,999 – Skyward
Winner | $1,560,000 – $2,299,999 – Arches
Winner | $2,300,000 and over – The Geddes Residence

2020 Single Family Builder of the Year

Winner | Best Townhome
Finalist | Akira
Finalist | Sophie

2018 Single Family Builder of the Year

Winner | Charleston
Winner | White House
Winner | Chateau West

Each success is indicative of our commitment to quality craftsmanship. For this reason, these achievements represent more than just a moment of recognition; they convey our adherence to producing beautiful architecture that will last a lifetime.

In Closing

Awards, acclaim, and accolades are amazing. However, that’s not the driving force behind our success at Riverview Custom Homes. Instead, we are driven to serve you. Our joy stems from helping you create the home of your dreams—one tailored to your unique needs, preference, and lifestyle. So if you’re ready, contact us today to make your dream a reality.