What Are Calgary Custom Home Builders?


Hiring home builders is not an easy process, nor is it a quick one. What most people fail to realize at first is that home builders differ from one another. In other words, they specialize in different things. Some of them specialize in building production homes while others specialize in building custom homes.

Knowing what type of home you want to build is very important if you wish to make the process of selecting a Calgary home builder as smooth as possible.

With that being said, one of the most common terms that you will come across while searching for home builders is “custom home builders”. What are those? And how do they differ from… well… normal home builders?

For us to answer this question, we first need to tell you what a custom home is. As the name entails, a custom home allows the future home owner full customization of his or her home. In other words, he or she will have full control over the plans of the house and what goes inside it.

Calgary custom home builders of the likes of Riverview Custom Homes specialize in building those homes. It’s as simple as that.

Now to answer the second question… how do custom home builders differ from “normal” home builders? Well first you have to understand that there is no “normal” home builders. In the industry, it’s mostly divided between production home builders and custom home builders.

As you might have guessed by now, production homes are totally different from custom homes because they do not allow the future owner full customization of his or her own home. Production homes come with plans and those plans can’t be changed. Of course production homes can be customized, but even then it’s nothing compared to the amount of customization that building a custom home offers.

Now that you know the difference between those two terms, which type of house are you looking to build?